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How do I create a merchant account?

Nov 10


It is the wish of every businessman to sell as much as he can but without going through the process of producing it. Right? Well, it is common nowadays that people are using online e-commerce platforms in order to sell things worldwide without producing or even delivering them themselves. Amazon is a great example of this business. It is the vastest and huge e-commerce platform over which millions of people are interacting on daily basis to carry out their business activities. 

Furthermore, Amazon also gives the facility of the fulfillment of individual orders through FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). It acts as an agent for the seller to produce, store, deliver, and also ship the products to its customers. Moreover, Amazon’s account management services give all of us a great guideline about how we should enlist our products to display in front of the people. In addition to this, we can now also optimize our product’s listing with the help of Amazon listing optimization facilities. It helps you to scale your products and rank them higher in the Amazon search bars.

What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant is also called a seller commonly, but there is a slight difference between both of them. A seller can be termed as a person who is producing goods and offering them to sell to the general public. However, a merchant is not the producer or manufacturer of the goods, he just acts as a supplier of products to the consumers. For instance, wholesalers or retailer store owners are known as merchants. Because they are selling the products that are produced by someone else. 

Furthermore, if you are doing business on an online platform, it will be very beneficial for you to become a merchant because you would have nothing to do with the production process. As we all know that how complex manufacturing process could get, whereas just delivering the products to the customers is a good and easy job. For this purpose, you need to create a merchant account on an e-commerce platform where you could sell your products directly to the customers without producing them yourself.

Amazon Merchant Account:

There is a reason why Amazon FBA is so famous among merchants nowadays. It is no doubt that the name of Amazon is only enough to get people attracted to your business. It provides a solid base to carry out your online business with a trusted reputation. That is why millions of people are uploading their products and becoming a part of the Amazon family every day. 

Moreover, creating a merchant account on amazon will be of great help for you because Amazon FBA offers you a great set of privileges that no one can possibly compete with. That is why it is ranked among the world’s top 5 brands in the world. In addition to this, Amazon also guides you well in terms of how to create an account with its account management services software Urtasker. 

Steps to create an Amazon Merchant Account:

Becoming a merchant with Amazon helps you to understand what trend is being prevailed in the online market. You can view some of the top-rated products as well as the most popular stores also on Amazon. Moreover, Amazon listing optimization helps your products to rank higher in the search bars when a customer searches for them. 

So, in order to create a merchant account on Amazon, you need to follow the below-stated steps;


  • Decide what you want to sell:


It is very important to clear your mind regarding what you will be selling to the public in order to become a seller or a merchant on Amazon. You must carry out thorough research regarding the popular products that are trending in the current time. 

Because a good and trendy product will help you to gather customer’s attention to a great extent. Once you have decided what you are going to sell, you must start by creating an account as a merchant. 


  • Create Seller Central Account on Amazon:


When you have decided about the products that you will sell to the customers, now what you need is to create a Seller Central account on Amazon. It will help you to get privileges offered by Amazon itself. Becoming a seller is important because you will be then registered with amazon and can avail yourself of Amazon account management services in order to update and manage your account from time to time efficiently. 


  • Decide a Shipment option:


After creating a seller account on Amazon, the thing that you need to do now is to enter a Shipment option. It will describe that how you want your products to be handled and shipped to your customers. 

However, there are two basic options in front of you that either you could ship your products to the customers yourself or let Amazon do it for you. The latter one is more preferable by the people because Amazon FBA carries out all the activities relevant to the efficient storage and shipment of your products to your customers.


  • Enlist the Products you want to sell:


Now you will be needed to enter the list of your products that you wish to sell to the customers publically. Amazon will require the niche of your products also if you are dealing in one or more categories. You just have to list the names of your products so that the customers will be able to see what you are selling to them.

You can also optimize the name tags of your products by Amazon listing optimization so that you could use the top-rated keywords through which your product could rank high in the amazon search bars.


  • Enter the costs of selling your products:


In the end, now you just need to enter the costs on which you want to sell your products to the public. And you are done! Make sure to optimize and update your account from time to time in order to avoid any sudden collision.