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Videography Tips to Professional Looking Videos

Nov 29

A video is a powerful tool. Video can be used to spread information, laugh with others, and grow your business. This is all in just seconds! How do you get your video to do multiple things? These tips for commercial videos from Valencio Visuals will show you how to make videos that are worthwhile watching with only a smartphone.

Get the Best Equipment within Your Budget

Videography is now easier than ever thanks to so many options. A very affordable external microphone is available. You will get tips and tricks on how to shoot landscape (horizontal instead of vertical) mode. You might want to consider purchasing gimbal stabilizers for your smartphone if the footage isn’t stable enough. These handy gadgets give filmmakers the ability to position their phones at any angle they like and not have them shake when taking moving shots.

Plan your shoot and make arrangements

Although it can seem overwhelming to plan a music videos shoot from start to finish, it is possible with the right tools. A storyboard can help you visualize your footage, and plan important shots in advance. You can also use a storyboard to help you choose cameras and venues. These illustrations offer more information than the location. These illustrations can be used to help you plan your editing time by indicating how long each scene should be.


The best tool to leave lasting impressions on social media and in video content is lighting. Concept boarding is made easier by the power of lighting. There are many lighting effects that can be used depending on the scene. Artificial sources such as kinescopes, which are a type of projector, can also be used at night since they don't emit heat sound waves.

This is how you can understand commercial videography. Lighting is what makes each source shine brightest. Make sure you don't have bright spots in shadows from other sources and keep your shot balanced.

Simple Backgrounds

Videography can stand out with a simple background. It can be improved by removing any clutter. To avoid shadowing subjects when filming, solid-colored backgrounds like walls and bedsheets are used. You can also set up your scene without adding too many elements. You might consider props like flower pots to add personality and flair.

Enhance Video Composition

Cinematic videography is more than simply pointing your camera at the scene in front of you. To tell stories with visual elements like movement and angles, it takes planning. This creates an aesthetic appeal for the viewers.

What is the most important rule to film cinematic videos? The Rule of Thirds! The Rule of Thirds This is when subjects are placed higher than normal so there's more space between them. They can face any direction, without being too close or too far apart. They can also see their reflections off any surface (reflective materials) very well.